Crepe paper flower bud

Hello Crafters,

Today I am sharing how to make the flower buds.

Step 1

Gather following
Crepe paper streamer – Yellow ( Choose your colour)
Flower tape – green

Priticious_flower_bud_crepeStep 2. Cut two strip of 1.5 in X 4.5 in

Step 3. Hold the strip in center and twist like toffee wrapper. Be gentle while twisting as it’s crêpe paper.

Step 4. Once you twisted both match the center and make the flower as shown in step 4

Step 5. wrap the chunk of cotton around the wire

Step 6. Place the cotton in middle of flower like structure we created at step 4

Step 7. Cut 3 inch of green flower tape and roll around the bud

Piece of advice – Just keep them away from water.

These buds can be used to make paper flower (another tutorial!) or Gajara/Veni (decorative item for hairs) for your girls participating in dance or play. Isn’t it interesting !

Let’s get creative and share you creativity with us. We are waiting to see your creative use of these beautiful buds.

Happy Crafting!