Paper Flower – Wild lily

Hello Flower Crafters,

Today I am sharing quick steps to create 5 petal lotus flower

You need

  • Crepe paper sheet (pink)
  • Green photo copy / craft paper
  • Glue
  • Yellow paper streamer for creating stamen [Cut 7cm X  0.5cm paper strip, then simply twist the paper by hands ]
  • 1 Cotton Ball
  • Scissors
  • Green tape

How to create center

paper lotus center

How to make Petals

paper lotus petal

I fold sheets in a rectangle of 4 cm X 2 cm then cut the petal as shown above. Open the petal and twist as shown and fold it back again. You can see a not at the end once finished.

Flower base

paper lotus flower base

fix the flower base with the center piece and glue the petal around.

paper lotus flower

After, you finish it will look like this. A beautiful wild lily  !! If you have any questions please drop your queries or ask on FB page.

Hope you had fun making these flowers. They are big and attention grabbing. Include them in your floral decoration or add them in your flower vase. I am still to work on this and will share my updated version. Share your experience and you twist with us.

Happy Crafting!