Greetings  Friends !

I am grateful that you would like to explore about Priticious and came to this page. With all my heart I welcome you on Priticious , A place where I pour in my share of creativity.

I am a passionate admirer of nature. By profession I am a software engineer who is also a cheerful companion who looks to cook and a curious innovative little mind in search of new learning.  I visit gardens, flower show and nursery . I love scribbling my experience and share with the world. I believe we can learn from each other a lot.

I started gardening as a hobby in San Diego. It was so gratifying experience. It pushed me to explore best practices in gardening. Now, I love to explore botanical gardens for possible tips and tricks from more knowledgable folks than me. Now, I am shifted to New Jersey which is a real test for how much I want to be a gardener 🌈. Finger-crossed zone 7.

I don’t believe in word Expert !!! but appreciate knowledgeable and kind folks around me.

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It’s Lovingly Precious –  Priticious !!