Garden Craft – Miniature Design Inspiration

Last year, I shared miniature succulent entries from the Coronado flower show which received lot of interest from readers.

Miniature Succulent Design
Miniature Flowering Pot Decoration

Continuing to the enthusiasm of mine to collect and share design inspiration with my readers, I am sharing some inspiration from Coronado Flower show 2018. This year the participants were challenged on how to use dry gardening elements like wood chips, tree bark, seed pods and flower. I was mystified by the designs presented in the competition. Participant’s usage of beads will win your heart. Following are some heart winning entries from the show.

miniature garden design inspiration

miniature design inspiration

Beautiful lines by Tony Robbins cross my mind :  Creativity is often blocked by trying to be perfect “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Stay Creative!