Newspaper sculpture art – Mademoiselle

I have my depiction of “Mademoiselle” standing with a flower basket as below


This delicate and beautiful woman with flower basket comes to life when you switch on the light :). It looks expensive but I have used newspaper strips and decorated with ribbon and paper.

Quick Steps

Collect the newspaper/old magazine and make strip as below. Click text “make strip” for tutorial.


I was knowing I want to make ‘female holding flower basket”, hence choose solid base  (paper cup) and stick the newspaper sticks as below.


What ever you want to create have basic architecture ready. A rough set up of my imagination


Tip – Once your basic set up is ready then paint it with fevicol/glue+water solution so that it serves as a good base for painting .

Finally, put your imagination to the end


I created hat cap and flower basket separately and attached it with her.

In this post I am considering you are well know to news paper craft. For beginners I shall start from my next post.Indeed she is worth time investing and beautiful addition to your book shelves or window decoration.

Happy crafting !