Felt Bumblebee DIY project

Hello Crafty Fingers,

Today I am sharing felt bumblebee project which is easy and fun. It’s a great time pass for summer holidays too for kids who can safely handle needle and threads.

You need

  • Felt [ Yellow , Black and White]
  • Embroidery thread [Yellow, White and Black]
  • Scissor
  • Cotton to stuff the bee
  • Print out of bumblebee / You can draw as well [ Please drop in your comments and we will mail you the pattern]

Sewing Stitch you need to know

  • Running
  • Back
  • Chain


  • Cut the pattern as shown below

Bee Felt cutting

  1. Yellow Felt – Body Part
  2. White Felt – Wings
  3. Black Strip – Body Part
  • Use Back stitch to make eyebrows and smile. I am using chain stitch for eye lash. Black strip is use to give bumblebee look. You can be creative with the felt colors like black and white.

Bee stiched

  • Assemble all the pieces as below – Use running stitch to sew the bee. Before last stitches fill in the cotton inside.

Felt Bee

You are ready with your cute little bumblebee . It is soft and safe for kids to play. You can use this to decorate the toddler’s crib or use it as accessory to decorate their caps ,bags or dresses ! Just go creative with it.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please drop comments with your suggestions and queries. We love to see your creation with felt.

Happy Crafting!