How to make fairy doll at home

Hello Friends,

I was always get enchanted by those little fairies hanging in the garden. So, I decided to create fairies which I can use to decorate my fairy flower vase. Got this inspiration from internet.


  • Black wool – Hairs
  • Wooden bead – For face (2 inch)
  • Silk Flower – For fairy dress , you can use ribbons to make the dress desired
  • Wire 35 cm long – For body [ I am using flower stick making wire]
  • Red and black pen – to make eyes
  • Embroidery threads to wrap around body wire , green colored hemp – to make torso
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Ribbon, beads for decoration


Fairy Doll Steps


  • The hands length is 1.5 ”
  • Use comb to make the hair strands more loose as seen below

semi furnished fairy doll

Decorate your fairy with flowers and ribbons

pink fairy doll

Different pattern of silk flower to make the fairy doll

Hi Fi fairy doll

These little fairies can be used in decorating the fairy garden, doll houses or any where you feel need a little cuteness. They are inexpensive and fun for kids to make in their summer vacation.

Happy crafting !

For wooden bead