Crepe Paper Flowers Ideas

Hello Crafters,

Crepe paper streamer Yellow(For flower), Pink( 1.5 in X 4.5 in)
Flower tape – green
Cotton (optional)
Paper Stick



  1. Twist the pink paper as shown above
  2. Cut the petal for flower from yellow crêpe paper. Choose the size as per your wish!
  3. Roll a bud as shown in fifth screen
  4. Place it in center of the pink twisted paper and wrap it around.Crepe paper is little stretchy so it give a nice wrap to the rolled bud.
  5. Once covered , arrange the petal around. Get creative in petal arrangements. I have shown you two petal arrangement which you can think of !
  6. Use thread to secure the petal around the bud by making a knot.

I have used paper stick and covered it with green tape, then arrange the flowers around the stick.


You can use these in

  • Flower Vase in living room, yellow flowers will add the brightness
  • You can decorate the gift packets
  • Interesting and colourful activity for kids when they get around
  • Part of your floral favours !
  • Put them in your wine bottle and make a quick decoration item for your window

Let’s get creative and share you creativity with us. You can drop in your comments or share with other crafters on Priticious Craft Facebook Page !