2017 Gardening Summary

Hello Friends,

Today while ogling  my garden filled with colors and healthy foliage I was captivated by the passing emotion of thankfulness to mother nature. Nature’s ability to reward abundantly is fascinating to me. It has been a fantastic year loaded with lots of learning while also having some fun experiments.

I am sharing my key notes of 2017, with the hope that these learning will carry forward and help others as well.

Collected some heart wining succulent arrangements from Coronado flower show 2017

These were some highlights of 2017, writing this article just filled me with so much of joy and peace and I realize It’s Holiday time , time to reflect ,feel joy in our heart and share happiness. I would love to read your 2017 gardening experience too, share me your link in comment section and let’s learn from each other.

Wishing all wonderful gardeners a very Happy new year!

Keep Gardening !!