Julian Daffodil Show – CA

Hello Gardeners,

Hope Spring started well for all of you in 2017

I Started 2017 garden/flower exploration started with Daffodil show at Julian – CA on March 4th.  Daffodil is called flower of hope, which announces the coming of spring !

Me and my husband started at around 10 AM from San Diego city to reach Julian Town center to attend the show. While driving on state Route 79 we admired  open green space of Santa Ysabel, patches of yellow bright flower on hills and  those perky trumpet daffodils make their presence felt as  you are about to reach Julian. Lots of  tourists this time of the year to enjoy these blooms all around !

Historically, Daffodil planting started in 1990 when resident Sally Snipes decided to create a project in memory of her father, Jack Snipes. what a beautiful way to express admiration. She indeed presented a beautiful inspiration to all of us.

Coming back to flower show – there were 13 division for which entries were expected

  • Trumpet Daffodil
  • Pacific Rim
  • Enchanted Prince
  • Double Play
  • Akepa
  • Saint Louie Louie
  • Intrigue
  • Bright Spangles
  • Paul Laurence Dumbar
  • New Charm
  • Aunt Renee
  • Mesa verde
  • Narcissus

Let me share some of the entries

julian daffodil show

Usually in flower show we see articulated designs and adults entries but this show was special because first time we saw flower entries from all the age group. I personally, love the section which was for age under 15 . The participation of children was evident as there were drawings and poetry in the show. It’s such a brilliant way to attract young mind towards gardening.

julian daffodil show children

We brought some community donated daffodil back with us and their  intoxicating fragrance is keeping our memories of Julian so fresh  and yes, one doesn’t return from Julian without having apple pie and this time we added Peach Pie with whipped cream…

julian pie company

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