Crepe Paper Wild Flower

Hello Friends,

Today I am sharing how to create wild flowers from crepe paper ! It’s easy and exciting

You Need:

  • Crepe Paper (Pink, you can choose any color) 6 strip  5cm X 2 cm
  • Yellow crepe paper strip 12 x 2 cm
  • Green flower shaped base( I am using flower shape cutter and green card stock but you can create the base of flower by hands just keep the base wider and 1/4 of your flower width to support petals)
  • Scissor
  • Skewer
  • Glue
  • Soft green wire



Step 1 – Create small fan like structure as shown.

Step 2 – Secure the fanned petals to the green flower page.

Step 3 – Create the hole in center with help of skewer to pass thru the wire . Circle the wire and secure it in center. I have taken a soft wire which is easy to twist.

Step 4 – Take the yellow strip and twist it with help of your hands tightly

Step 5 – Fold it in circle and secure it in center of flower with help of glue

If you know quelling then you can make a circle and stick it in the center as show in one of the flower.

These flowers can be used in any floral events for decoration, decorating gift or floral bouquets !. I find it as a creative exercise to keep the gals busy .

Please note, if crepe paper sheets are not available then you can get the party steamer of your choice and create these flowers.

Share your experience with these flowers or you twist to these wild flowers.

Happy Crafting !!