How to create 8 crease in origami paper

Hello Crafters,

Today we are learning how to fold origami paper. You need origami paper like below


Remember origami paper is always square.

Let’s start folding to get these eight crease on paper


I have marked the corners 1,2,3,4 .

To create diagonal crease touch corner 1 to 3 And 4 to 2 this will give you line 1->3, 2->4

To get those half dividing line touch the 1-4 corners with 2-3 And 1-2 to 4-3 this will give you the other two creases. [In origami – it is called book fold]

Hope this little article help to get your initials folds.

Share your experience of origami fun with us !

Happy Crafting !


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