How to find if a plant is native or invasive in California

Howdy Gardener’s,

As the season change, every gardener start planning the next season garden.  Now, as I am aware about invasive and native, I was puzzled if I can find  what I am selecting is native or invasive.  I did some research and came up with a link. It will help you to find whether plant is native or invasive to California. It shows you the picture of plant which actually help a learning gardener to choose.

Step 1: Go to Calflora Search Link

Step 2: Enter Plant name and click search

calflora search

Step 3: Show search results

calflora search result

Isn’t it interesting. This might spark an idea to choose them wisely.

Hope it helps other green-keepers. If you have any resource to share for your region please drop us a comment. Let’s support native.

Happy Gardening !