Basic understanding for novice gardener

So you have realized that you have a green thumb !! Yay

First thing to understand as a gardener is to find which gardening zone you belong to. I live in San Diego and I belong to “Zone 10a”.

Question : How to find gardening zone

For US – Find your Gardening zone  and If you are from another country  hit google.

Question : Why it’s important

It helps to choose the right seed in current season.

Question : Where this information become handy ?

When you buy seeds, This information is added to the seed packets you buy from nursery or online

If you are trying your hands in backyard or outdoor then , Understanding Soil can help you to get greater yield for your hard work in gardening. But, if you are interested in container garden, then just grab your gardening gloves and start. Please note, No bare hands and foot while working in the garden.

Understanding of weather and  season also plays a vital role. But, I believe one can learn more by practice then just theory !.

If you are trying from seed then have fun making paper pots for your seed growing kit 

Let’s start !

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