Which Tree leaves are good for compost

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After sharing – Why to shred leaves while composting I have gathered some info on which leaves is good for composting.

Good  –

Leaves of Maple, Ash, Cherry, Cottonwood, elm, Beech , Birch Tree leaves . Though some people have discussion on Birch and Beech.

Good Leaves for composting

Gardening Tip – Most of fruit tree leaves are good for composting. Except Black walnut have some questions.

Acidic / In moderation

Oaks , Eucalyptus and Pine

acidic leaves for compost

In San Diego, following trees are common

  • Eucalyptus – Use in moderation in compost
  • California sycamore – Good for compost
  • Orange Tree  – Good for compost
  • Lemon Tree  – Good for compost
  • Jacaranda Tree – Hopefully good
  • Pine needle – Use in moderation, as they take longer time to decompose. Many use them as mulch and let them decompose slowly in the ground.
  • Magnolia  leaves – Because of their waxy ,thick leaves, it take longest time to decay, some people use them as mulch.

San Diego Commonly available tree

I have Pine and Eucalyptus So, I shred the Pine needles and distribute commonly over the ground. But definitely clean the Eucalyptus leaves from ground.

Please share your experience , which leaves you know or you have experience which do good in compost. I have shared for San Diego. It would be great if you can share about your place and preference of tree leaves for compost.

Questions for readers

Should we consider bamboo leaves for compost ?.

Irene klaus

Basswood leaves are also a good addition in compost.


ficus and alistonia leaves for composting

  • Alistonia ( saptaparni  – Indian Name)  : Good to consider for compost
  • Ficus Benjamin – Difficult to compost.

Happy Gardening !