Why to shred leaves while composting

Hello Green Keepers,

We all know , fallen leaves are good contributor for compost. They add nitrogen and other good source of nutrient which are required for plant’s growth. But, I have seen people adding leaves directly in their compost or let them stay as in, in their yards or on garden bed.

Expert Say: Always shred the leaves while adding in compost

They are organic , they will decompose slowly in the ground then why I need to shred them ? Interesting, let’s explore the reasons I got when I asked this question to a very enthusiast Gardner.

  • Layer of leaves take long time to decompose hence prevent light and water from going through .
  • They create moist underneath which may attract insects or fleas and start infestation.

Tip : Always clean and pick up those fallen leaves around your fruit trees .

  • If they are on grass , it might actually kill your grass as well
  • If left as is on garden bed they can challenge smaller perennial’s growth

Hope this information play some role in your thinking about fallen leaves as well. If you have any other reason or correction in above please share, hope you extend your knowledge with other growing Gardner’s.

Happy gardening !

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