10 tips for creating pollinator garden

With a fast development we have weaken the relationship of plants and pollinators. There are visible trends for stabilizing the pollinator gardens.

Some tips for creating pollinator Garden.

  • Plant plenty of nectar and pollen  rich flowering plants. Please give preference to native plants over other choice.
  • Avoid hybrid plants. They are often missing the fragrance and nectar
  • Pick variety of flowers that bloom throughout the season
  • Provide water in form of bird bath, shallow pool or a tiny mud puddle.
  • Avoid using pesticides and herbicide
  • Provide sites and materials for nesting and overwintering
  • Try putting out slices of overripe bananas, oranges and other fruits to attract butterfly
  • Include larval host plants in your landscape like milkweed for monarch
  • For humming-bird place a nectar resource – hummingbird feeder
  • Create a damp salt place for butterflies and bees

Following are some well know pollinator

Bees – Marigold, daisy, butterfly weed, aromatic herbs

Butterflies – Zinnia, Calendula, Daisy, Milkweed, Aster, Lupine, Thistle, Fennel, Hollyhock, Black-eyed Susan

Hummingbirds  – Honeysuckle,  Sage, Fuchsia,  Jewelweed,  Fireweed, Cardinal flower, Bee balm, Nasturtium, Century plant

Pollinating beetles – Aster, Sunflower, Rose and Butterfly weed

If you know some other pollinator and information please drop in a comment here or share with us on Priticious Facebook page.

Let’s give a corner in garden for a native plan  !

Happy Gardening!