Paper Art- DIY Project Hat

In my earlier tutorial Paper Weaving – How to make newspaper tube we learned the basic skill for newspaper craft. Now, lets move on something little difficult – How to make a Hat !

Step 1 – Flat the paper tubes by pressing them by hands


Step 2 – Start rolling the flatten strip in a round shape tightly. At the end, coat glue and hold for a minute so that it can get secure. You will end up something like below.


Add another flatten strip in end and keep rolling as above.


I had 14 strip and last round shape is as below


Please remember to glue the ends when ever you finish the strip rolling and let it dry completely.

Step 3 – Hold the circle between your thumb and immediate finger from both hands. Start pushing gently from down side (where your finger holding the circle) to give a shape of cap.


Step 4 – coat it with “Glue + water” solution OR acrylic varnish.

Step 5 – Now apply colour of your choice on cap and decorate as you wish with embellishments, ribbons or decorative pearls.

Trick – You can make solution of  water + acrylic varnish + colour  and paint the tubes before you start making the cap !.


You can use this hat for your home-décor art items or try on your girls dolls :).

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