9 reason to choose Vinca for your garden


Why Vinca ?

  • Abundant Bloom
  • Self-seeded fast growing plant
  • Thrive in almost any soil type
  • Drought tolerant
  • Prefer dry and sunny environment
  • Need fertilizer once in a month
  • Pinching help this plant to grow
  • Available in multiple colour options in nursery  like Pink, white or purple
  • Best used in outdoor landscaping for borders, flowerbeds, container garden
  • Other name are Sadaphuli (always flowering) , Barahmasi (bloom all 12 month), Vinca Rosea, Lochinera Rosea, or Madagascar periwinkle

Give Vinca a chance in your garden I am sure there abundant blooms will definitely attract you.Above reason are enough for me to grab the Vinca from Home Depot – San Diego this week !

Happy Gardening !