Euryops is thriving now!

When I shifted to a new home I looked at single plant which in my non existing garden in a pretty dead shape. There were no blooms and the foliage is all burned up. So, I thought of removing it but, I couldn’t.

Simple, disposing it off is an easy options which I have always with me, but blooming it again is what a good challenge for a beginner. So I took it and here are the results !


I am happy to see Euryops thriving so beautifully.

Euryops Euryops

It is a full sun-loving plant with only one need of well drain soil.  Following are my notes which I worked on three months to bring it back to life.
– Water the plant in the morning almost daily for first month and then switched slowly to thrice in the following weeks.
– Added some garden soil with native soil.
– Started feeding fertilizer once in a week then switched to once in a two weeks and now I am not adding it any more
Now I want it to work to fetch the nutrients from breaking down the green waste like fallen leaves, manure, home-made compost, egg-shell etc .
“Euryops” has its own challenge to work upon and I had my own challenge to make “Eurypos” work better and together we made it 🙂 . Indeed Nature is your best friend , you have to learn to nurture it.
Find your challenge in your garden and share your story too.

Happy nurturing!

Note – I thank Rodney Bryce Higgins for helping me identifying the plant name.