Summer Gardening Problem – Blossom Drop

Greetings Green Fingers !

After Brown leaf tip, I uncovered second problem – Blossom Drop and dried blossom. Summer isn’t easy on my pepper.

Blossom Fall

Possible reasons

  • Extreme temperature / Dry windy conditions
  • Fertilizer with high nitrogen
  • Poor Pollination
  • Uneven watering pattern

How to prevent

  • Big bushy healthy looking plants with blossom drop usually means too much nitrogen.  The plant puts all of its energy into foliage growth.  Add bone meal or banana peel powder which give high P macro nutrient  to plant.
  • You can try hand pollination but it’s always good to attract pollinator. Follow 10 tips for creating pollinator garden in your backyard or garden
  • Become regular with your watering patterns. Water regular and deeply.

Peppers and Tomatoes are commonly known plants to face this problem in summer.

What I have done

  • I moved my peppers in semi shade
  • Watered once with Espom salt solution, Please note I am a container gardener who use potting mix and compost mixture for my plants.
  • Spray the water around leaf to keep humid as I feel it’s a DRY hot summer here.

My peppers are doing well after a week.

This article is open for correction and suggestions. Share your experience with blossom drop and  plants which are facing this problem in your garden .

Happy Gardening !


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