Gardening Jargon – waterlogging

A condition in soil where water is build up, and water is not able to drain. Water-logging limits oxygen supply to the roots which is not good for plant growth.

How can I control water logging in my garden ?

  • After heavy downfall, wash down hard surfaces and collect up debris to prevent drains blocking
  • Keep off the soil until it is workable, to avoid compacting it
  • Remove damaged shoots from affected plants
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer in the spring, mulching over the root area after application
  • Foliar feeds during the growing season may help improve leaf colour, and encourage new root growth.

If waterlogging is a common start using raised bed, choose trees and plants suits for wetter soil.

If you know some other control for water logging or how to improve your soil structure please share your comments with us.

Keep sharing and enjoy gardening !