Gardening Jargon – Organic Gardening

Most of us define “Organic Gardening” as no use of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides. But, it is more to it. Organic gardening is more about understanding nature and applying the best resources and practice in gardening.

  • Apply compost to soil , it help clay and sandy soil become more plant friendly
  • Grow cover crops
  • Use of mulch
  • Grow plants which are adapted to your environment i.e.. If plant is water-loving and you plant in dry weather it will always be in stress even if you take care a lot. Stressed plants always need extra care in terms of fertilizer,pesticides and soil needs. So grow native !!
  • Maintaining native plants attracts butterfly, birds and helpful insect to your garden which stabilise the healthy ecosystem.

Organic gardening is about healthy soil, healthy plants and beautiful ecosystem.

Be healthy!

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Happy Gardening