Regrow Celery at home

Celery’s health benefits are all known. As per research if you consume celery stalks fresh they contain more nutrients then refrigerated. So, instead of trashing the celery root I planned to grow it in the container.

Normally Celery stocked in stores are treated with root inhibitor. Cut the base root from the bunch. Clean the root properly with water. Some people prefer to keep the root in water overnight to get rid of root inhibitors.

To start, I secure the celery base vertically in the plastic container as shown below and filled it with water. Keep the base floating in the water. Don’t submerge it in the water. Place the container near to kitchen window which receive good sunlight.

It is advisable to change water daily

Week 1 – Little leaves started unfolding, gives you  a ray of hope.


Week 2 – leaves growth is easily visible. Root at the base are hardly visible


Week 3 – Ah ! This one is all growing , proper branches, leaves and roots too.


Next week I will plant it in the pot and update the post till I harvest the stalks.

Inexpensive and an easy exercise for children’s too !! Try with them and share your experience of growing Celery.

Updated on 18th July 2015


Happy Gardening !

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