Gardening Jargon- Annual, Perennial

Let’s explore most common jargon in gardening which will help you to pick the right plant.


By definition, Annual are plants that do their entire life cycle from seed to flower to seed within a single growing season.All roots, stems and leaves of the plant die annually.


Plants that lives for many growing seasons.

If you are looking for “Plant and enjoy for years” GO for Perennial NOT Annual. Perennial are mostly advisable to grow in ground not in a pot. They do better.

Avoid thinking “Perennial will bloom all around year”. It won’t.

Example : Delphinium

Delphinium blooms in Late Spring to Mid Summer. After blooming season, It offer length and green foliage to your landscape.

I am yet to find a plant which will bloom all the around year in US Zone 10.

There are “Biennial” as well which grows for two  years to complete their life cycle.  Mostly you will see plant tags highlighting whether they are Annual or Perennial.

Hope this little knowledge help you to pick the right plant to start gardening.

Happy Gardening !