How to prevent slug and snail in the garden

How to prevent slug and snail in the garden

As a novice gardener it is difficult to understand who is eating tender leaves of my plants !. I did some research on internet identified the major issue. It’s Slugs in the garden doing some serious damage.


Moist soil attract Slugs so, avoid watering plant in evening .Water plants in early morning. It is considered to be a good practice by gardeners. Still some mighty slug can come.

Hand picking of snail is the most common method. But, aren’t slugs are good in hiding. !

To stop Slugs I came across a cost-effective and natural way to prevent them –  “Egg Shell”. Egg is a daily consumable item in the home. Instead of throwing the egg-shell it’s good to collect, crush and spread them around  young growing plants. On crushed egg-shell Slug & Snail finds it to difficult to crawl as it hurt their sensitive foot.

Additionally, egg shells are rich source of calcium. So some nutrient for soil too.


Other method include scratchy material like sand paper, cinders and wood ashes.

You can also use citrus rinds in garden Famous options are orange, grapefruit just place them inverted in you garden , slugs  will get inside to keep away from light and heat of the sun. Then just handpick them. Some gardeners use cabbage leaves to do this.

Interesting tip from Gardening Group  – “Scrub jays and roadrunners birds loves to eat white snails.  Put out peanuts !

If nothing works, then think Sluggo !!


I have used this product and it has been a success to me. The best thing I noticed was  use it once to control the population of slug and then you can use above tricks to keep them in control.

Let me know if you have tried any other natural way to stop them.