16 adorable flowering plants for hanging basket

Howdy GreensKeeper,

I am here sharing you 16 flowering plants which can be used in hanging flower basket.

Hanging Basket Flower

Flower plant name as below

Row 1 –  Dianthus, Lavender, Impatiens, Lobelia

Row 2- Lantana, Fuchsia, Pansy, Petunia

Row 3 – Begonia, Swan River daisy, Snapdragon, Heliotropium Arborescens

Row 4 – Calibrachoa, Nierembergia, Tagetes Tenuifolia(Marigold), Bacopa,

Isn’t it interesting ! This little information can really help you to pick the flowering plant for your next hanging flower basket. Share your plant names if you know and let’s help other greenkeepers with our knowledge. Any suggestions and corrections are welcome. Please drop your comments.

Happy Spring !!

On Deepthy Khadar Suggestion : Geraniums is one of the best !!


On Vickie L Rugamer Suggestion : Vinca [ Interesting addition isn’t !!]