Kiwi grape green chutney



2 ripe kiwi [It will taste sweet]
10-12 green grapes
3 green chilli pepper [ Advise to select your preferable peppers ]
1 bunch of cilantro(coriander) [100 gm approx]
10-12 leaves of fresh mint




– Peel off the kiwi brown skin and cut in to five pieces
– Wash grapes,mint, chilli and cilantro. Care to remove the tough stalks from cilantro
– Put all the ingredient in mixer and blend till smooth. Add salt to add up the taste.


This sweet-chilli kiwi chutney add hot and sweet taste to your favourite snacks or it goes best with vegetable sandwich and fritters.

I have added a new ingredient in normal green chutney recipe hope you add something more to it and share with us.

Happy Cooking !!