Grow Zucchini from seed

Grow Zucchini from seed

I thought of trying my hands on growing vegetables in-house. Searching for right seed on Amazon, I got seeds for Zucchini which say “Guaranteed to grow” What else a novice want !.

Zucchini seeds are medium-sized as shown below

Zucchini Seed Packet


For Zucchini seeds you don’t have any hard shell to remove.

– Wrap seed in paper towel, spray water and keep it in ziplock bag for a week near the kitchen window.
– Once roots start getting visible in a week then transplant in plastic container and keep it indoor for a week.

Weekly progress of Zucchin

Week 1 : Started seed in-house using  home-made seed kit


Week 2: After 2 days of hardening off , they are transplanted in to 1 gallon nursery pot as shown below


Week 3


Week 5 and 6


Harvest !